Sunday, October 16, 2011

< T.T >

sometimes we fight .
sometimes i cry 
why don't i just tell him goodbye 
sometimes i should
but sometimes i don't
build up the strength to say that its wrong

sometimes i hate 
sometimes i love 
sometimes i hurt 
sometimes i don't 
sometimes i wait for him to change 
but its okay , i disguise this pain .

and i dont ever wanna leave em alone
they say im brain washed 
but im in love with this man 

keep tellin myself that its not worth it 
i already know i don't deserve it
but if its from you i dont mind hurting

sometimes i keep it cool 
sometimes i let them know
sometimes i even pack my bags to walkout the door
sometimes i feel safe 
sometimes i really don't
sometimes i promise that im ready to let him go 
but i dont ever wanna leave him alone 
they say im brain washed but im in love with this men 

mungkinbetolsybukanygterbaikuntukawak !

Friday, October 14, 2011


i can be tough
i can be strong
but with you , its not like that at all

there's a girl that gives a shit
behind this wall
you just walk throught it

and i remember all those crazy things you said
you left them running through my head
you're always there , you're everywhere
but right now iWISHyouwerehere

all those crazy things we did
didn't think about it just went with it
you're always there , you're everywhere
but right now iWISHyouwerehere

hm ;(

i love the way you are
its who i am , don't have to try hard
we always say , say like it is
and the truth is that i really miss

really need u ! hm

Thursday, October 13, 2011

MAKE SENSE kan ? :)

mase ade KAU lah segalenye ! susa sng sume nk crikk *lagibyktimesusa
lepak pagi SAME 
lepak ptg SAME 
lepak mlm SAME 

nk kate 24/7 sume dgn KAU wehh .
gmba kat HP , text kat INBOX sume KORANG-korang kan ? 
tak jemu doe , hari2 ngadap muke yg same .. 
BESTFRIEND lah katekan time tuh . wee~

bile dah xde ? HAA ! amekkaaaw nookkkk ! 
sume ilang , 
start lah kutuk blakang2 , nganjing sane nganjing sini ..
haish ! 
sume yg dulu kononnye BESTbuddy ;) 
jadi ? personwhoareNOTrequired ;)
knp mcm tuh ?

MAKE SENSE what ? 
people change . *so aku tak kesa lah ape nk jadi pon 
kputusan korag yg buat ;)

ape bodo lah lame tak update ttbe update psl ni . HAHA .