Sunday, October 16, 2011

< T.T >

sometimes we fight .
sometimes i cry 
why don't i just tell him goodbye 
sometimes i should
but sometimes i don't
build up the strength to say that its wrong

sometimes i hate 
sometimes i love 
sometimes i hurt 
sometimes i don't 
sometimes i wait for him to change 
but its okay , i disguise this pain .

and i dont ever wanna leave em alone
they say im brain washed 
but im in love with this man 

keep tellin myself that its not worth it 
i already know i don't deserve it
but if its from you i dont mind hurting

sometimes i keep it cool 
sometimes i let them know
sometimes i even pack my bags to walkout the door
sometimes i feel safe 
sometimes i really don't
sometimes i promise that im ready to let him go 
but i dont ever wanna leave him alone 
they say im brain washed but im in love with this men 

mungkinbetolsybukanygterbaikuntukawak !

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