Sunday, September 23, 2012

YOU ! ^^

dear you
i do miss you , 
every second , 
every day , 
like always .
like i did when we first met .

syg .. 
one thing you must know , how much i love you before this ..
i love you more NOW !
thats the only thing i want u to know .
even now we are no longer the same as before..
but its okay .
as long as you are in front of me .

syg ..
sometimes , i thought to end all this ..
but how ? 
still the same question that i never have the answer .

syg ..
if u ever think about this relay .
just pls give me your decision .
i wont push you to stay if you dont want ..
coz i know , even doe we love someone so much , if he had no desire to be with us. we can not force.
right ?

syg ..
andai satu hari awak berubah hati dgn sbb yg munasabah , 
saya redha dgn keputusan itu ..

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